Mona Doll
Oil on canvas
50cm x 70cm
Leonardo Da Vinci‘s masterpiece ' Mona Lisa' is one of the most influential paintings to me and I cannot stop studying his painting mode of 'sfumato'.
Though this famous painting has been copied and re-created for many times over the world,
I still hope to take the chance of 'Hong Kong Creative Art Association Crossover Exhibition' to re-create this masterpiece by combining renaissance and surrealism together.
The process brought myself another chance of learning. During the preparation of this exhibition, my students and I re-created some of the famous paintings.
We painted together, we studied together and we learned from each other.
The process is more memorable than the final artworks to me.

Mona Doll
50cm x 70cm
達文西筆下的 '' 蒙娜麗莎的微笑 '' 可以說是對我影響較深的一幅名畫之一,而作者的暈塗法更有一種能令我不斷研究的魔力。
雖然這幅 世界上最著名的 作品被無數的後人臨摹及二次創作,但我仍然想藉著這次香港創意藝術會 Crossover 畫展的機會,
嘗試把文藝復興與超現實主義來一個 Crossover ,希望能令自己來一個重新學習的機會。

在這次畫展的過程中,我與自己其中 5 位學生一起創作了 Crossover 古典名畫的作品,