“My Dolly” is a recent series of Dragon Ken's artwork. The artworks carry the style of surrealism. This series aims at presenting the contradictions in our unconsciousness, e.g. good and bad, live and dead, past and future etc. The techniques of realism are adopted in order to present this surrealistic world.
The gorgeous yet soulless Japanese dolls metaphor the people who live like death. They only care for a living and would do anything for fulfilling their desire for money and power.
Blood, violence and insecurity are the elements of this series. These are how exactly the artist thinks about this society. The artist hopes this series could help people being more reflective and responsible to their own deeds to the environment and to the others. “My Dolly” emphasizes on depicting the gloomy eyes which express the complicated inner world of human being. When you are appreciating the dolly in the painting, the dolly is, at the same time, looking at your inner world. This bridges the connection and interaction between audience and the artworks.

「 My Dolly 」系列的藝術作品。鄧子健先生的作品屬超現實主義的風格,與傳統的寫實風格有所不同。作品以表現探索潛意識中的矛盾為主,如人性善惡、生與死、過去和未來等。目的為諷刺真實世界的扭曲或矛盾,並採用了的超現實的手法來表達。其作品曾於北京、韓國及香港多個展覽場地展出。

作品以沒有靈魂的日系唯美洋娃娃來比喻現代社會中那些只顧生活及工作而活得行屍走肉的人。人們為了物質、金錢、慾望等就像著了魔一樣,往往會做出一些不由自主的行為。作品隱含地以恐佈、血腥、暴力及不安的感覺來表達出現代社會現象及人類對自然環境的態度。因為現實生活中就是給作者有這種不安的感覺。這系列的作品希望能給予 觀眾思考其 生活態度的機會,例如人類對環境的污染、戰爭與權力鬥爭、虐待動物及種族歧視等社會問題 。 作為人類的你,曾經有過為自己的行為作反思嗎 ?

My Dolly 著重繪畫陰沉的眼神,代表著人性內心的複雜。觀看者在欣賞畫中娃娃的同時,畫中的娃娃也在觀看著他們的內心世界,從而產生人與畫的交流與聯繫